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Sledding…ramp jumping #fun (at Harbor Beach Golf Course)

Who says you can’t workout while traveling? 5K done. (at Steigenberger Airport Hotel Frankfurt)

Last night…the best German dinner in Cologne. Hidden and tucked away…I usually don’t visit the same restaurant twice but I vow to return to this one again - hopefully soon with @leesemp. (at Köln / Cologne)

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Beautiful peek at the Queretaro skyline #sky #sunset #beautiful (at Holiday Inn Diamante)

Unbusy Minute #4: Take Small Actions To Produce Results (by Brad Semp).

Every accomplishment in life begins with one small step…a single action that moves you closer to your dream, vision, intention, or goal that you want to accomplish.  Stop procrastinating and take your first step (even if it is a small one).

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A shape-enhancing shirt? Seriously? This might be one of most overblown marketing claims of all time. :) (Taken with Instagram at BJ’s Wholesale Club)

"Stop blaming your pillow for a bad night of sleep". TRANSLATION: If you fail to produce the results that you seek, look only at your own actions and stop blaming something or someone else. (Taken with instagram)

You are welcome oil companies & politicians (Taken with Instagram at BJ’s Gas Station)

Boys on off-night…Morgan game time! (Taken with Instagram at Hancock Recreation Area)